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Guarantees and Performance Bonds, Third Edition [eBook]

An easy to understand edition on the law governing guarantees and performance bonds.
SG$ 243.00
Published: 24 August, 2017
ISBN/ISSN: 9789814770835
Country: Singapore

Product description

This book is an authoritative and well-researched text based on actual legal principles. Not only does it cover the law relating to guarantees and performance bonds as applied in Singapore and Malaysia, it also takes into account decisions made in Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom as well as the relevant Singapore and Malaysian statutory provisions. Singapore and Malaysia have developed their own pool of judicial decisions to cater for local requirements and conditions and these developments are fully explored in the book. The third edition includes case law and legislation updates to the previous edition published in 2012. Written in a manner that makes it easy for a non-lawyer to understand, the author hopes to make the law governing guarantees and performance bonds much more accessible to all who need to access the law.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Guarantee’s Legal Nature
Chapter 2 Consideration for Guarantee
Chapter 3 Vitiating Factors
Chapter 4 Undue Influence
Chapter 5 Matters Affecting Guarantor’s Interests
Chapter 6 Joint and Several Guarantee
Chapter 7 Some Common Terms in Guarantees
Chapter 8 Enforcement of Guarantee
Chapter 9 Guarantor and Creditor
Chapter 10 Security Held by Creditor
Chapter 11 Guarantor and Principal Debtor
Chapter 12 Rights Between Guarantors
Chapter 13 Performance Bonds