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Guide to Legal Analysis and Writing, Second Edition

A practical book that provides tools for effective legal writing and communication for students and newcomers to the law.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9789815019551
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Product description

Key Features • Teaches effective legal writing and communication • Makes legal research, analysis and writing accessible to students and newcomers to the law • Provides effective tools for legal writing and analysis which can be readily applied in practice

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Table of contents

Part I: Understanding the Law
Chapter 1 Understanding Caselaw

Chapter 2 Understanding Statutes
Part II: Legal Analysis

Chapter 3 Facts

Chapter 4 Laws

Chapter 5 Applying Law to Facts
Part III: The Art of (Legal) Writing

Chapter 6 Before Writing

Chapter 7 When Writing
Part IV: Predictive and Persuasive Writing

Chapter 8 Predictive Writing (Legal Memorandums)

Chapter 9 Predictive Writing (Research Papers)

Chapter 10 Client Communications

Chapter 11 Persuasive Writing
Part V: Survival Tips

Chapter 12 Surviving Law School

Chapter 13 Surviving Practice