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Halsbury's Laws of Singapore Volume 15 - Partnership and Agency & Probate, Administration and Succession (2022 Issue) [Book]

Updated by Randolph Khoo and Johnson Loo respectively, this two parts volume covers the latest commentary, relevant cases and provisions in Partnership and Agency as well as Probate, Administration and Succession.
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Published: 28 February, 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 9789815019186
Country: Singapore

Product description

A two parts volume covering the discussion on laws related to partnership & agency in Singapore span 16 chapters in total (with each part making up eight chapters). Readers will find an articulate commentary backed with relevant and latest cases and statutory provisions on the nature and formation of partnerships and agencies, as well as the dissolutions of partnerships and agencies. In the Probate, Administration & Succession title, the commentary has been divided into two sections, namely Probate and Administration (seven chapters) and Succession (three chapters). From Probate and Administration practice to family provision, the latest commentary has now been updated to include relevant cases and provisions that reflect the current legal landscape in Singapore.