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Probate and Administration Law in Singapore and Malaysia, Fourth Edition

An update of the law on wills, probate practice, succession and estate duty in concise and clear style of writing.
Country: Singapore

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ISBN/ISSN: 9789814798044
Published: 15 January, 2018
SG$ 213.84
ISBN/ISSN: 9789814798037
Published: 15 January, 2018
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Product description

The fourth edition of Probate and Administration Law in Singapore and Malaysia brings to the lawyer and informed layperson, an update of the law on wills, probate practice, succession and estate duty, since the publication of the previous edition in 2012. The readers of the author’s previous editions would be pleased at the retention of his concise and clear style of writing. This book is not only relevant to the legal practitioner, but also to financial planners, insurers and accountants. Some matters that will be covered in the new edition: 1. The enactment of the Family Justice Act and the passing of the Family Justice Rules which have brought about a major change in probate practice; 2. The recent decisions made under the Mental Capacity Act; 3. A drastic view taken by the Court of Appeal on inadequate service provided by solicitors drafting Wills and Deeds of Family Arrangement; 4. An explanation on the meaning and effect of Section 7 rule 3 of the Intestate Succession Act. There is some miscomprehension of the meaning of this rule. An illustration in the next edition would be of some help. 5. Changes to the Malaysian content to deal with changes and legal decisions in the last 4 years.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Historical Background: The English Inheritance
Chapter 2 Effects of Death
Chapter 3 Wills
Chapter 4 Law of Islamic Inheritance
Chapter 5 The Rights Of Succession
Chapter 6 Requirements for Letters of Representation
Chapter 7 Personal Representatives
Chapter 8 Estate Duty
Chapter 9 Non-Contentious Probate
Chapter 10 Contentious Probate
Chapter 11 Assets of a Deceased
Chapter 12 Rights, Powers and Duties of Personal Representatives
Chapter 13 Distribution of the Assets of a Deceased’s Estate
Chapter 14 Liability of the Personal Representative