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Capital Market Laws Of Malaysia

This book sets out a broad range of areas that are critical to how the capital markets function.
Publisher: LexisNexis
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ISBN/ISSN: 9789675371332
Publisher: LexisNexis

Description of Product

Capital markets throughout the world are constantly evolving due to various business andr egulatory imperatives. In Malaysia, the past 15 years have seen and witnessed a host of changes in the legal and regulatory framework of the securities and futures markets culminating in the passage of the Capital Markets and Services Act in 2007. This book is a practical guide on the legal and regulatory framework of the Malaysian capital market. It equips legal practitioners, law students as well as intermediaries who carry out activities such as dealing in securities, investment advice and corporate finance with a clear understanding of how the Malaysian capital market is regulated. Individual provisions are analysed and cases from around the world provide the useful context in which these sections operate.

This book sets out a broad range of areas that are critical to how the capital markets function. It covers the regulation of exchanges, including the governance framework of the exchange post demutualisation. In the area of licensing, it outlines the single licensing framework that was introduced in the CMSA, and highlights the obligations and responsibilities that are placed on licensed persons. These obligations are also important to financial institutions such as banks which carry out capital market activities who, as registered persons, are subject to certain fundamental investor protection provisions in the CMSA. This book will also be useful to anyone involved in capital raising exercises as it sets out how the law regulates specific corporate transactions, including takeovers. Corporate governance is especially relevant to public listed companies and this book explains how this imperative is translated into the law and the rules of the stock exchange. This area of law and regulation is extremely dynamic and the book provides some insight as to the trends in regulation and challenges which exist both on the domestic and international front.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1:Regulating the Capital Market

  • Chapter 2:Introduction to the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007

  • Chapter 3:Securities and Futures Markets

  • Chapter 4:Licensing of Intermediaries in the Capital Market
  • Chapter 5:Conduct of Business and Client Asset Protection
  • Chapter 6:Market Misconduct

  • Chapter 7:Issues of Securities

  • Chapter 8:Take-overs, Mergers and Compulsory Acquisitions
  • Chapter 9:Corporate Governance
  • Chapter 10:Administration of the CMSA