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Essentials of Expatriate Tax

Essentials of Expatriate Tax seeks to empower non-tax professionals with the know-how to manage expatriate tax risks.
Publisher: LexisNexis
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Publisher: LexisNexis
Country: Singapore

Description of Product

Managing tax risks associated with the expatriates can be a challenge for the Human Resource and Talent Management professionals because they are not tax experts. Unfortunately, the market does not currently have any easy-to-read guide on expatriate tax issues written in a non-technical fashion to help them understand such risks. Essentials of Expatriate Tax seeks to bridge this gap to empower non-tax professionals to understand such issues and be in a better position to know how to manage the tax risks. Key Features • Corporate and personal income tax issues relating to mobile expatriates (i.e. expatriates who undertake frequent business travel and short-term assignments in overseas countries) • Personal income tax issues relating to structuring expatriates’ remuneration package to achieve tax-optimisation result for them and their employers • Corporate and personal income tax issues relating to terminating expatriates’ employment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Singapore Income Tax
Chapter 2 Meaning of Employment and Employer’s Singapore tax reporting obligation
Chapter 3 Corporate Income Tax Considerations for Singapore and Foreign Employers to Hire Expatriates to work in Singapore
Chapter 4 Personal Income Tax Considerations for Structuring Expatriates’ Remuneration Package
Chapter 5 Corporate and Personal Income Tax Considerations for Termination of Expatriate’s Employment
Chapter 6 Review of the Singapore Anti-Avoidance Tax Provisions
Chapter 7 Meaning of Tax Minimistation