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LexisNexis Guide: Legal Referencing, 5th edition [eBook]

LexisNexis Guide: Legal Referencing, 5th Edition is A comprehensive and accessible guide to legal referencing and writing
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Published: 09 May, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350708
Country: Australia

Product description

Correct legal referencing is an essential skill for students, academics and other legal writers. In this indispensable guide, the author explains the ‘hows and whys’ of good legal referencing and writing. In this fifth edition, the author discusses how to cite legal and non-legal sources. The citation requirements of the fourth edition of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation are clearly explained. Additionally, ‘how to’ examples are provided together with a discussion of citation management systems. Written to engage students as well as practitioners and other legal writers, this book supports early and ongoing learning on the importance of accurate legal referencing. The author discusses techniques to improve legal writing and referencing, providing many clear examples and exercises, with answers, to assist writers to identify and avoid plagiarism in legal or other writing. Legal Referencing is an excellent ongoing resource for use throughout law studies and beyond.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Legal Referencing and this Guide

2. Non-Legal Styles of Referencing

3. Legal Referencing

4. The Fundamentals of Legal Referencing and Writing

5. Improving your Legal Writing and Referencing

6. Case Law

7. Statutes and Other Kinds of Legislation

8. Textbooks, Looseleaf Services, Legal Encyclopaedias, Legal Dictionaries

9. Journals or Periodicals

10. Newspapers, Magazines, Conference Papers, Unpublished Material, Bible, Lectures

11. Parliamentary Debates, Reports and Bills

12. How to Cite Legal Materials Located Electronically

13. United Kingdom, Canada and United States

14. Referencing in Exams

15. Where to Find Help

16. Automated Referencing Systems

Appendix 1 Recommended abbreviations for use in citation

Appendix 2 Citation of law reports

Appendix 3 Designators for courts and tribunals

Appendix 4 Quick reference guide

Appendix 5 Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th edition)

Appendix 6 Differences between the 3rd and 4th editions of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation

Appendix 7 Designators for journals and other resources