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Singapore International Arbitration: Law & Practice, 2nd Edition

The second edition updates the law, incorporates commentary on the most recent case law and the latest version of the SIAC Rules.
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ISBN/ISSN: 9789814798228
Country: Singapore

Description of Product

This timely Second Edition provides a comprehensive survey of the law of international arbitration in Singapore. There are also important new chapters covering third party funding and the jurisdiction of the SICC in Singapore. The book updates the law, incorporates commentary on the most recent case law and the latest version of the SIAC Rules. Singapore is now recognised as one of the leading and fastest growing arbitral seats with a burgeoning case load in both commercial and investment treaty arbitration. The book covers both. This book gathers the leading names in international arbitration from both Singapore and the wider international community and so enables the reader to gain a unique insight and grasp of the fundamental principles of international arbitration in Singapore. The First Edition (2014) was widely cited in the courts of Singapore and practitioners can be confident of the authoritative stature of the Second Edition.

Authors include:
Chong Yee Leong, Bernard Hanotiau, Natalie Yap, Jern-Fei Ng, Dominic O’Sullivan QC, Dame Geraldine Andrews, Jordan Tan, Lim Wei Lee, Michael Hwang SC, Professor Robert Merkin QC, The Honorable Justice Clyde Croft, William Kinh Quoc Ho, David W. Rivkin, Christopher Tahbaz, Sam Wordsworth QC, Dr Jonathan Bonnitcha, The Honorable Frédéric Bachand, Fabien Gélinas AdE, Giacomo Marchisio, Andrew Hildebrand, Paul Tan, Colin Liew, Alastair Henderson, Gitta Satryani, Robert Rothkopf, The Hon Sir Bernard Eder, Shaun Leong.

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Table of contents

1. Framework of International Arbitration in Singapore
2. The Arbitration Agreement
3. Breach of the Arbitration Agreement: Stay of Judicial Proceedings and Injunctive Relief
4. Commencing an Arbitration and Constituting the Tribunal
5. Jurisdiction of the Arbitrators and Challenges to Jurisdiction
6. The Procedural Course of the Arbitration
7. Interim Measures in International Arbitration
8. Evidence in Arbitration Proceedings
9. Hearing
10. Arbitration Awards
11. Challenges to the Award
12. Recognition and Enforcement of Awards
13. Investment Treaty Arbitration
14. Interpreting the Model Law: Methodology and the Singapore Experience
15. Multi-tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses: Law and Practice
16. Arbitration Funding in Singapore
17. The Evolving Role of the Singapore International Commercial Court, Jurisdictional Issues and Enforcement Perspectives
18. Procedures of the Singapore International Commercial Court