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Spencer Bower and Handley: Res Judicata Fifth edition

The must have publication on Res Judicata.
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Published: 26 November, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9781474313377
Country: UK

Product description

The most authoritative and comprehensive book available on the limitations imposed by the doctrine of Res Judicata. Part One deals with res judicata estoppel in its three forms: cause of action estoppel, issue estoppel and the binding force of a judgment when it is the foundation of a new action. The application of these principles in specific areas of the law and the plea of autrefois acquit in criminal cases are then considered. A chapter deals with affirmative answers. Part Two deals with merger in judgment including its application in criminal cases under the plea of autrefois convict. Each Part concludes with a chapter on procedure. The final chapters deal with the extended doctrine of res judicata based on abuse of process and the doctrine of res judicata in Roman law.